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Top 5 Instagram Video Download Apps 2018

Top 5 Instagram video download apps

Instagram is the leading social network for sharing photos and videos. If you want to share your photos and videos to your friends and loved ones, then Instagram is just what you need. It is owned by Facebook Inc. and led by the popular Mark Zuckerberg.

Until now, you may have searched extensively on how to save Instagram videos and photos to your device, but all to no avail. But today, you will get to see the best Instagram video download apps you can use to save the beautiful moments you want to document on your device.

Without any further ado, let us get to the list of the best Instagram video downloaders out there in no particular order.

Best Instagram Video Download Apps


  1. Repost for Instagram – repostly (for iOS users)

Apple or iPhone users who need to save photographs and videos from Instagram can now do so, and the best Video Instagram downloaders to use is repostly. It does not require you to log into Instagram to use. All you need is to copy the URL to the media you want and paste it in repostly, then watch your favorite pictures or videos saved to your device. What more? There’s no in-app video repost app ios 2018


Download Repost for Instagram – repostly for iOS users

  1. FastSave (Android)

This is one of the top Instavideo downloaders you can get. It is easy to use and straight to the point. With this app, you can save multiple photos and videos to your device. It allows you to easily repost and reshare without stress if that is what you want. It has a beautiful user area to easily download your videos and pictures. It also downloads very fast.

best instagram video download app ios 2018Download FastSave



  1. Saver Reposter for Instagram (Android)

This Instagram video downloader is lightweight and also easy to use. It allows for images and videos to be downloaded easily and also permits you to save pictures, copy hashtags, or even descriptions only, allowing you total freedom. You can also switch between the app and Instagram with only one click.

best android instagram video download app

Download Saver Reposter


  1. Video Downloader for Instagram (Android)

We cannot talk about how to save Instagram videos without mentioning the video Downloader for Instagram app. With this app, you can copy hashtags, save descriptions and the photos, whichever you want. It also supports multiple simultaneous media downloads.

best android instagram video download app

Download Video Downloader for Instagram


  1. Downloadgram (for PC users)

Most of the apps we have mentioned are for mobile users, understandably so, Instagram is mainly used on mobile. But it can also be used on the web. So for web users, there might also be a need to save photos and videos. If you are a web user on your PC, you can use downloadgram to save your pictures and videos. Upon entering your URL in the space provided, your download should begin. It also allows converting videos into MP3 formats. This may help if you are downloading a soundtrack or thriller and need the music.

Download Instagram Video, Photo, IGTV on PC now

These are the top 5 Instagram video download apps you can use to save those beautiful moments which you can repost for later or use offline.



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