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How to repost ‘story’ on Instagram

repost instagram story

How to repost ‘story’ on Instagram

Businesses, the world over, use Instagram in sharing different forms of user-generated content (videos, blogs, images, audio files, etc.). However, until their recent update, there hasn’t been any easy and direct means of reposting Instagram stories.

With the new “Add this to your story” feature, you can instantly repost any photos or videos which you have been tagged in, on your own story. This feature has been tested for a few months and has officially been released.

In this blog, you will understand;

  • How to repost to your Instagram story
  • How to adjust your post sharing settings and
  • How this feature can benefit your business

First off, let’s get to understand how the new feature works.

How it works

A pop-up saying: “Mentioned users may repost this story for 24 hours” appears whenever you mention a user in your story. The mentioned users automatically receive a link to “Add This to Your Story” in a direct message.

The feature only works on public accounts and is now available for Android and ios.

Repost to your story

To share someone’s post to your story:

  1. Select the post
  2. Tap send (paper plane icon)
  3. Tap Add post to your story

You can easily re-share an IG story. The new story opens with an automatically generated background color; it also contains the username of the original account beneath the post. You can go ahead to edit your story before sharing.  You can drag, rotate, resize, add text, stickers and simply have fun personalizing your post.

Feel free to adjust the background color according to your preference.

To do this:

  1. Tap the pencil icon (top right of the page)
  2. Choose your preferred color
  3. Tap and hold the original background, this automatically fills the post with this color

Freely edit and personalize before posting to your story


Adjust your post sharing settings

The new update comes with a default setting that allows every tagged user to re-share your post. You can adjust this setting to prevent other accounts from re-sharing your post.

To do this:

  1. Tap the settings icon on your profile
  2. Among the displayed options will be Allow Others to Reshare
  3. Go ahead to enable (blue) or disable (neutral) this feature.

Enable or disable this feature on your profile settings


How businesses can benefit

  • Customer reviews: Rather than creating a new story to post a screenshot of a customer review, the new feature enables you to easily share new reviews on your highlights


However, it is good etiquette to seek the permission of the original user before re-sharing. Get an explicit message (preferably direct message) from the user.


  • Partnerships: You can improve your partnerships by quickly reposting stories your influencer partners creates.

The new re-share feature is one that most businesses would benefit from. Though many users would love that their posts are re-shared, be sure to seek their permission to avoid certain copy right violations.


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